1/2" Gear Pump belt driven with cotton seal

Pump Applications:
This gear pump suits the transfer of oil and liquids with some viscosity. It is commonly used in a number of industries including food, drug, chemical and etc. Other uses include:
Agricultural applications: irrigation, water sprinkling, liquid fertilizer transfer, water drainage and other appropriate types of liquid transfers.
Industrial applications: transfer of diesel fuel, engine oil, asphalt and bitumen.

Pump Construction:
Its body is constructed using cast iron. Alternative models made with stainless steel (VITON) are available by request.

Pump Features:
Streamlined design which enables easy maintenance. Low power consumption, high flow output, and suitable for a vast number of agricultural and industrial applications.

Pump Specifications:

Inlet Power Shaft Seal Type RPM Liter/Min Pressure
1/2" 1/2HP Cotton/Oil Seal 500 16-20 4-6

"Power" as indicated in the table above refers to the required power rating of the partnering motor as a working set.

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